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Latest Government Proposals Threaten Dramatic Rise in Business Rates

by Jennifer Brooke, BCA Executive Director

“Obscene”, “Wholly unfair”, “Outrageous”

These are just some of the terms used to describe the government’s latest proposed changes to Business Rates.
In Summary:
Ahead of next April’s rating revaluation, we have been anticipating the arrival of two consultation papers from the Government for discussion and implementation.

Brexit and the Flexible Workspace Market

by Tom Stokes

Tom Stokes (FRICS), founder of Evans Easyspace and an expert consultant to the UK business centre and serviced office industry, discusses the post-Referendum opportunities for flexible workspace operators in a ‘Brexit’ future:

Now that the initial shock of the Brexit referendum decision is over, it is perhaps appropriate to consider how this will affect the property market and specifically the flexible space market.

Use of home for business purposes

Where a home is used partly for business purposes, the simplified expenses rules allow a flat rate deduction for household running costs listed. The deduction is based on the number of hours spent wholly and exclusively on core business activities in the home, and is only available if these hours exceed 25 per month. 

Crowdfunding – watch out for the VAT

Crowdfunding can be implemented in two general ways. The first model sees a business ask investors for contributions to help fund it, and, in return, it will provide them with goods or services. But, because the business is giving the investor a good in return for the contribution, that income is subject to VAT (if the business is already VAT registered).

Twitter Tactics

Top Ten Twitter Tactics:

  • Leave space: Tweets should use slightly less of the 140 character maximum, ideally 110 out of 140, to allow followers to retweet your post and add their own comments.
  • Be exact: If you’re referring to a page on your website, include the exact landing page rather than the homepage. Use a link shortening service like, or