Twitter Tactics

Top Ten Twitter Tactics:

  • Leave space: Tweets should use slightly less of the 140 character maximum, ideally 110 out of 140, to allow followers to retweet your post and add their own comments.
  • Be exact: If you’re referring to a page on your website, include the exact landing page rather than the homepage. Use a link shortening service like, or
  • Be useful: Use the 80/20 rule: “Never just talk about you or your products”. Instead, spend 80% of your tweets on useful business information and the remaining 20% on engaging company products or promotions.
  • Be interesting: Just like catchy news headlines and ‘hooky’ email subjects, the first part of a story always pulls the reader in. Get creative, and apply the same idea to your tweets.
  • Give back: Mention people, partners, useful info, and even offer free advice or downloads. It will help to engage readers’ attention and encourage interaction.
  • Be consistent: Don’t just send out messages when you remember to do it. Keep them consistent, and add reminders to your calendar, if necessary! Use specific tools like hootsuite or tweetdeck to schedule posts – it’s handy for when you’re out of the office.
  • Timeliness: Bear in mind that nobody will read your tweets last thing at night. For B2B messages, post tweets between 7.30-9.30am, early afternoon, and just after 5pm. Remember that small business owners will probably work outside of the core working week, so schedule some tweets for the weekend, too.
  • Don’t replicate: For businesses with multiple locations, don’t be tempted to set up multiple Twitter accounts for every location. Have a core account and focus on building this one, and only expand if you’re confident that you have the time and the resources to manage it.
  • Brand: Your Twitter page should reflect your company branding. If not, you will probably lose potential followers before they have even read a single post.
  • Plan: Don’t just wade into Twitter without a plan. First decide what you want to gain from it and how you want to be ‘seen’ – for example, as a thought leader, a news source or a business support? – and stick to the plan. Consistency is vital when using Twitter and you should aim to engage users and grow your brand across as many sectors as possible.

(By BCA)

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